The Illnois Articulation Agreement and SNL


DePaul participates in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI), a state-wide agreement of more than 100 colleges to ease transfering from one school to another.  Completion of the IAI General Education Core Curriculum (GECC), at any participating college or university in Illinois ensures transferring students that most of the lower-division general education requirements at DePaul have been satisfied.  Students with extra courses or who did not complete the GECC have their transfer courses reviewed on a course-by-course basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I completed the GECC?
It varies by college. Contact the Records office of your school, or review our Community College Information.

How does my GECC transfer credit apply to each of SNL’s degree programs?
Students transferring to DePaul’s School for New Learning can see how their GECC transfer credit is applied to each of SNL’s four degree programs: BA with an Individualized Focus Area; BA in Computing; BA in Early Childhood Education; and BA in General Business. (Adobe Reader required).

What are the GECC categories?
Read about the IAI/GECC categories.

What classes have been approved for the GECC?
The Illinois website allows you to enter classes into the system and create a report showing if the GECC is completed.
See what classes at Illinois colleges have been approved at: IAI/GECC Transfer Planning Worksheet.  

Can I transfer to DePaul if I have NOT completed the GECC? 

Yes.  You are not required to complete this curriculum before admission. 

Can I complete the GECC at DePaul?
Yes.  DePaul courses approved for the GECC can be found at: DePaul IAI courses

If I finished the GECC, can I change my mind at the time of transfer and follow an alternate transfer path at DePaul’s School for New Learning?
Yes, an SNL Academic Advisor can discuss transfer options with you.  

If I transfer a completed GECC package, will I have junior status at DePaul? 
SNL students are considered sophomores at the time of application; upper level status is determined by completion of degree requirements.  Junior standing requires completion of 20 competencies or degree requirements.   Completion of the GECC accounts for accomplishing 12-13 degree requirements in the SNL undergraduate degree program.

Does transferring in an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree grant junior standing?

Junior status at DePaul’s School for New Learning is attained upon completion of 20 SNL degree requirements.

If I complete an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science, have I completed the GECC?
Probably.  If your degrees include out-of-state courses, then the GECC might not be met.  See Community College Information.

If I complete an Associate of Applied Science, have I completed the GECC?
Probably not.  The A.A.S. degrees usually include 3-6 general education courses and therefore the GECC is not completed.

If I combine out-of-state courses with IAI courses at a community college, what will happen when I transfer to DePaul? 
DePaul’s School for New Learning will apply your courses to the degree requirements in the SNL curriculum, as it does for the many students who transfer to DePaul with credit from more than one institution.

How do I ensure that my completed IAI/GECC is considered when I transfer to DePaul’s School for New Learning?
Transfer students are urged to mention completion of the GECC to their School for New Learning  Academic Advisor to ensure that the advisor is aware of GECC completion.  As noted above, transfer students will need to have completion confirmed by their community college.