Master of Arts in Applied Professional Studies (MAAPS)

The MAAPS Program enables you to design a master's degree in a unique area that is personally relevant to you but not typically served by pre-structured, course-based graduate programs. You begin with your idea and 3 or more years of direct or related experience in the field. Guided by a graduate framework and a team of faculty members and professional advisors, you create your curriculum and manage your own learning. Your plan may include work projects, professional activities such as workshops or certificate programs, traditional graduate courses and indepedent studies. You also will have several culmination options to choose from when you are ready to complete the program.


The MAAPS Program is 52 quarter credit hours and has 4 components:

- Planning and Integration (8 quarter credit hours)
- Liberal Learning Seminars (18 quarter credit hours)
- Individualized Area of Focus (18 quarter credit hours)
- Individualized Program Culmination (8 quarter credit hours)

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Students begin the MAAPS Program with a cohort of about 15 students and a faculty mentor. The faculty mentor teaches the first course in the program, Learning Plan Research and Development (4 quarter credit hours), typically offered twice a year in the Fall and Spring quarters. New students simultaneously take Finding and Managing Information (2 quarter credit hours). These 2 courses set the framework for designing and implementing your graduate degree.

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