Master of Arts in Educating Adults (MAEA)

If your focus is on learning how to help adults learn, choose the MAEA program. While in the program, you will use your own practice setting to apply classic and innovative ideas about educating adults that you learn in the classroom. Faculty members and project advisors will help you deepen your knowledge in assessment, design, facilitation, evaluation and ongoing research. This program combines structured courses with professional activities, workshops and independent studies, culminating in a final applied project. You also will earn a separate Certificate in Educating Adults by completing 3 key courses related to design, facilitation and assessment of learning.


The MAEA Program is 57 quarter credit hours and has 5 components.

- Professional Core (24 quarter credit hours)
- Liberal Learning Seminars (18 quarter credit hours)
- Reflective Practice (2 quarter credit hours)
- Electives (8 quarter credit hours)
- Applied Inquiry Projrect (5 quarter credit hours)

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Students begin the MAEA program with a cohort of about 15 students and a faculty mentor. This cohort of students moves through the core curriculum together. The first course in the program, Developing Professional Identity (4 quarter credit hours), is typically offered twice a year in the Fall and Spring quarters and taught by the faculty mentor. New students simultaneously take Finding and Managing Information (2 quarter credit hours). These 2 courses set the foundation for your graduate degree.

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