Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

This degree, offered jointly by SNL and DePaul's College of Education, certifies adults working in the education of young children to teach in Illinois.

Flexible: Degree requirements can be met by documenting experience and ongoing work in the education of young children, as well through transfer, Education and SNL courses.

Personalized: Get your own advising committee of experts who help develop a plan to meet your goals, and assess prior learning.

Competence-based: The degree is earned after satisfying 50 requirements, written as statements describing competence. Certain competencies are met by specific courses or projects, others can be satisfied by relevant transfer courses or experience.

Online and On-Campus: SNL courses are in Chicago's Loop, Naperville, Oak Forest, near O'Hare, and Online. Education courses are at the Loop or Lincoln Park campus.

Get Started: Attend a free information session. Complete an online DePaul Adult Admission Application and submit all your official transcripts.  Questions? Email

Program Requirements:
There are four areas:

1. The Lifelong Learning Area consists of 12 competencies satisfied by 9 required courses or proficiency exams.

2. The Liberal Learning Area consists of 24 competencies in 3 categories: Arts and Ideas, Human Community, and Scientific World. Competencies can be satisfied by SNL courses, Education courses, relevant transfer courses of C- or better, and documented college-level learning from experience.

Required courses in this area include:

ECE 286 Art, Music, and Movement;
ECE 347 Children’s Literature;
LSE 380 Philosophical Issues in Education.  
ECE 303 History and Philosophy of Early Childhood Education;
SCU 207 Social and Historical Issues in Education;
ECE 336 Child Behavior.  
ECE 331 Beginning Math and Science Instruction; and, 
an SNL course in childhood nutrition.  

3. Advanced Electives consists of 2 competencies satisfied by SNL courses, including IN 307 Advanced Elective Seminar: Parent-Child Development Within Cultural Context, or IN 307 Advanced Elective Seminar: Parenting and Family Support in Socio-Cultural Context.

4. Focus Area consists of 12 competencies satisfied through 10 Education courses that comprise requirements for certification.

Download Program Requirements and a Program Summary