Graduation Information and Steps

Graduation involves two parts: Degree Conferral (required) and Commencement (optional).

Degree Conferral (required) occurs each quarter and involves an official audit ensuring that all aspects of a student’s degree program are satisfactorily fulfilled according to requirements outlined in the respective Program Guidebook. Upon verification of completed degree requirements, the University dates and confers the degree via the official University transcript and issues an official University diploma--sent by mail to each graduate. See steps below.
Commencement (optional) occurs each June as a ceremony designed to acknowledge the accomplishment of students’ programs of study for the current academic year (Fall through Summer). As such, and to maximize the meaningfulness of the occasion for its participants, the faculty recommend that students who wish to participate in the ceremony do so AFTER their degrees are conferred (i.e., conferred during the prior Fall or Winter) or IF their degree requirements are fully expected to be completed during the Spring Quarter containing the June ceremony or the Summer Quarter immediately following. See steps below. [NOTE: For a student’s name to appear in the Commencement Program Booklet and to receive information regarding ordering one’s Cap & Gown for the ceremony, one’s degree must be conferred during the prior Fall or Winter or one must complete and submit the Spring Quarter Degree Conferral Application by no later than February 1 prior to the June ceremony.]

To insure readiness to graduate, students are advised to consult and complete the steps below:

Step 1: Plan Ahead.
Regularly review, monitor and self-manage your degree program by reviewing your Degree Progress Report (DPR) and/or consulting with your Faculty Mentor. For information regarding DPR, see Records & Reports.

Step 2: Apply for Degree Conferral.
Login to Campus Connect. Go to Self-Service > Degree Progress/Graduation > Apply for Degree Conferral. The degree conferral application deadlines are as follows: February 1 (for Spring); July 15 (for Summer); October 1 (for Fall); and, January 15 (for Winter). [NOTE: If you apply for degree conferral but fail to graduate as planned, you must EDIT your application for Degree Conferral—changing your new intended completion date—and resubmit it.]

Step 3: (for MAAPS students only) Revisit Graduaion Review in MAAPS Guidebook.  
Plan for the Graduation Review session. At least one quarter prior to the quarter in which you plan to graduate, begin work with your Faculty Mentor to develop your MAAPS Narrative Transcript. The Narrative Transcript is a MAAPS degree requirement and must be completed prior to degree conferral.

Step 4: Be Actively Enrolled.
Be actively enrolled during the quarter in which you plan to graduate or during at least one of the previous three quarters. To be deemed “active,” you record much show some registration (for a competence or a course or continuing activity status. Verify your enrollment status here. If “discontinued,” send request to be reactivated along with your name & DePaul ID number to .

Step 5: Complete Degree Components.
Complete degree components as listed in your specific Program Guidebook (MAAPS, MAEA, MSAT) and according to deadlines posted either there or in the Graduate Quarterly Registration Bulletin for the term in which you are seeking to graduate.

Step 6: (optional) Order Cap & Gown if participating in June Commencement Ceremony.
To participate in the June Commencement Ceremony (see description of Commencement above), order a Cap and Gown by no later than early May prior to ceremony.

Step 7: (optional) Participate in June Commencement Ceremony.
See description of Commencement above. See also Commencement details and, for the specific date of commencement per academic year, see Academic Calendar.

Step 8: Await Delivery of University Diploma.
Upon successful completion of the degree conferral process (see description of Degree Conferral above), the Office of Student Records confers degrees within 30 days of the end of each term. A diploma is mailed to each graduate within 6-8 weeks of the end of each term—provided there is no “financial hold” on the student’s account.

For further information regarding “Applying for Graduation,” see