Graduate Information and Steps

To ensure readiness to graduate, consult and complete the steps in the left column (and notes) that correspond with the quarter when degree completion will occur.

To graduate in:
Steps Spring - June Summer - August Fall - November Winter -  March
#1 Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing
#2 February 1 July 15 Oct. 1 Jan. 15
#3 Winter prior to June Spring prior to Aug. Summer prior to Nov. Fall prior to Mar.
#4 Spring or in 3 qtrs. prior Summer or in 3 qtrs. prior Fall or in 3 qtrs. prior Winter or in 3 qtrs. prior
#5 May / June August November March
#6 Early May n/a n/a n/a
#7 June the following June the following June the following June
#8 Mid July Mid October  Mid January Mid May

1. Plan Ahead
Regularly review, monitor and self-manage your degree program by reviewing your Degree Progress Report (DPR) and consulting with your Faculty Mentor. For information regarding the DPR, see Records & Reports.

2. Apply for Degree Conferral.
Login to Campus Connection. then go to Self Service>Degree Progress/Graduation>Apply for Degree Conferral. For Spring Graduation, application for degree conferral after February 1 may jeopardize inclusion of your name in the commencement ceremony booklet.  [Note: In the event that you apply for degree conferral for a particular quarter and fail to graduate as planned, you must EDIT your Application for Degree Conferral. To do so, follow the steps above— changing your intended completion date.]

3. (MAAPS Only) Initiate Work on Narrative Transcript.
Working with your Faculty Mentor, begin working on your Graduate Narrative Transcript at least one quarter prior to the quarter in which you plan to graduate.

4. Be Actively Enrolled.
Ensure that you are “active” in the quarter in which you plan to graduate. To be deemed “active,” you must be registered for a competence, a course or Continuing Activity Status in that quarter or during one of the previous three quarters. Verify your enrollment status here. If “discontinued,” email with your name and DePaul ID number to be reactivated.

5. Complete Degree Components and Graduation Review.
Complete degree components according to program requirements (including, for MAAPS students, the Narrative Transcript) and according to deadlines posted in the applicable Program Handbook and/or Graduate Quarterly Registration Bulletin for the term in which you are seeking to graduate.

6. (Optional) Order Cap/Gown for June Commencement ceremony.
Commencement is symbolic and optional. If you want to participate in the June ceremony, order a Cap and Gown.

7. (Optional) Participate in June Commencement Ceremony.
The University’s Commencement Ceremony is held once a year in June for graduates from the previous Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring quarters. Only students who have completed all degree requirements by the end of Spring quarter are to participate in the ceremony. See Commencement. details. For specific dates per academic year, see Academic Calendar.

8. Await Delivery of University Diploma Finalizing Degree Conferral.
After degree conferral and completion of degree audit processes for the quarter, diplomas are mailed by the Office of Student Records directly to graduates. This typically occurs 3-4 weeks after the end of the quarter.