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International Business Example

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts with an Individualized Focus Area can use the international business example concentration as a template for designing their focus area.

The international business example concentration contains courses and competencies ideal for students preparing for supervisory and managerial positions in globally-competitive organizations and industries. Key skills developed in this concentration include multicultural business communication, development and evaluation of global business systems, process analysis, and project and change management.  Special emphasis on models of globalization and assessment of outcomes is expected.

International Business Sample Schedule*

As a student using the template for the international business example concentration, you’ll work with an academic advisor and a faculty mentor to review your transfer course work and select specific courses that meet your interests and degree requirements. 
This 108-credit-hour program can be started in any term—fall, winter, spring or summerand is typically composed of 10 core courses, a minimum of nine international business courses and about 13 elective courses in liberal arts.

 Courses* Credit Hours
 Quarter 1
 LL 103 Independent Learning Seminar (L1) 2
 LL 250 Foundations of Adult Learning (L2, F1) 4
 LL 260 Writing to Competence (L4) 4
 Science Elective (S4) 2
 Total Credit Hours 12

Quarter 2
 Civic Engagement (L3) with Science Elective (S) 4
 LL 270 Critical Thinking (L5) 4
 HC 344 International Relations (FX, H1) 4
 Total Credit Hours 12

 Quarter 3
 LL 300 Research Seminar (L8, L9) 6
 HC 279 International Project Management (FX, H2) 4
 Science Elective (S5) 2
 Total Credit Hours 12

 Quarter 4
 LL 302 Externship (L10, L11)  4
 IN 307 Advanced Elective (E1, E2)   4
 FA 297 Communications in a Global Business
 Environment (FX, A1) 
 Total Credit Hours 12

 Quarter 5
 LL 205 Quantitative Reasoning (L6)  4
 Collaborative Learning (L7) and Science Elective  (S) 4
 HC 188 Understanding International Relations (FX, H) 4
 Total Credit Hours 12

 Quarter 6
 HC 236 U.S. Business & the Politics of Trade (FX,  A3) 4
 HC 166 Global Futures (FX, S3) 4
 AI 218 Impact of NGOs (FX, A) 4
 Total Credit Hours 12

 Quarter 7
 HC 239 Globalization, Winners & Losers (FX, H) 4
 HC 203 Living & Working in a Global Environment (FX, H5) 4
 Arts Elective (A2, A5) 4
 Total Credit Hours 12

 Quarter 8
 Science Elective (S1, S2) 4
 Humanities Elective (H3, H4) 4
 Arts Elective (A, A)  4
 Total Credit Hours 12

 Quarter 9
 FA 303 Advanced Project (F11, F12) 4
 HC 134 Global Education & Work (A4, H) 4
 Science Elective (S) 2
 LL 390 Summit Seminar (L12) 2
 Total Credit Hours 12

 Total Credit Hours 108
*Course substitutions may be necessary, as not all courses listed are offered every quarter or at all campuses. Examples include:  

- FA 219 Negotiations for Business Success
- FA 224 Homeland Security in the 21st Century
- HC 179 Economic Inequality: The Role and Responsibility of Business
- HC 358 Public Speaking and Presentation Skills for the Workplace
- HC 196 Economics by Example
- FA 386 Exploring the Non-Profit Workplace
- SW 204 Urban Growth Around the Globe 
- HC 134 Global Education and Work
- HC 232 Leadership Across the Globe
- HC 203 Living and Working in a Global and Diverse Environment
- SW 204 Urban Growth Around the Globe 
- FA 217 New Social Media Marketing and Culture
- HC 228 Women in China
- DCM 311 Conflict Management and Negotiation
- AI 250 China: Changing Roles of Individuals
- HC 223 Money, Finance, and Crises
- AI 265 The Morality of Money
- HC 236 U.S. Business and the Politics of Trade 
- HC 224 Understanding and Creating Advertising


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Career Outlook

Most companies today are involved in some aspect of international business. International business, as a profession, is a broad field that includes a wide variety of professionals who work in small, medium and large companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies. 

Students pursuing the international business example concentration may advance their careers in positions such as:

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Project or Process Manager 
  • Business Systems Administrator
  • Communications Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Political Analyst
  • Risk Analyst
  • Sales or Insurance Manager
Some of the occupations listed above may require additional schooling or work experience.