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Faculty A-Z

SNL's strength is our people: Faculty are artists, marketers, business professionals and educators—all leaders in their fields and experienced in working with adult students. Nearly 3,000 content experts serve as professional advisors to students.


  • Patrizia Acerra

    Patrizia Acerra

    • Academic Advisor; Part-Time Faculty
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  • Walter Adams

    Walter Adams

  • Sue Alderson-Castaneda

    Sue Alderson-Castaneda

  • Shirin Ali

    Shirin Ali

    • Associate Director of Operations, Marketing and Planning for SNL Online; Part-Time Faculty
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  • Marisa Alicea

    Marisa Alicea

  • Rebecca Armstrong

    Rebecca Armstrong

  • Anghesom Atsbaha

    Anghesom Atsbaha


  • Dorothy Balabanos

    Dorothy Balabanos

  • Eduardo Bascaran

    Eduardo Bascaran

  • Frederick Bates

    Frederick Bates

  • Corinne L. Benedetto

    Corinne L. Benedetto

    • Associate Professor; Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, Operations and Enrollment Management
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  • Ellen Benjamin

    Ellen Benjamin

  • Miriam Ben-Yoseph

    Miriam Ben-Yoseph

  • Yoav Ben-Yoseph

    Yoav Ben-Yoseph

  • Barbara Berchiolli

    Barbara Berchiolli

  • Jana Berger

    Jana Berger

  • Siobhán Ní Bhuachalla

    Siobhán Ní Bhuachalla

  • Carol Blanchard-Rocheleau

    Carol Blanchard-Rocheleau

  • Charlene Blockinger

    Charlene Blockinger

  • Joy Boggs

    Joy Boggs

  • Shirley Bono

    Shirley Bono

    • Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Student Services; Part-Time Faculty
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  • Bob Breving

    Bob Breving

    • Associate Director, DePaul Labor Education Center; Part-Time Faculty
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  • Kevin Buckley

    Kevin Buckley

  • Veronica (Roni) Buckley

    Veronica (Roni) Buckley

    • Academic Advisor; Core Visiting Faculty
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  • Dominic Calderisi

    Dominic Calderisi

  • Joan Cantwell

    Joan Cantwell

  • Joseph Chen

    Joseph Chen

  • Ludovic Comeau Jr.

    Ludovic Comeau Jr.


  • Kevin Downing

    Kevin Downing

  • Molia Dumbleton

    Molia Dumbleton

  • Susanne Dumbleton

    Susanne Dumbleton




  • Amanda Gaddam

    Amanda Gaddam

  • Ruth Gannon-Cook

    Ruth Gannon-Cook

  • Jo Ann Gesiakowska

    Jo Ann Gesiakowska

  • Renee Gilbert-Levin

    Renee Gilbert-Levin


  • Mechthild Hart

    Mechthild Hart

  • Russell Hartigan

    Russell Hartigan

  • Christine Hayda

    Christine Hayda

    • Assistant Director of Advising; Part-Time Faculty
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  • Nicholas Hayes

    Nicholas Hayes

  • Daniel Heck

    Daniel Heck

  • Paul Heltne

    Paul Heltne

  • Joe Hemmerling

    Joe Hemmerling

  • John Hemmerling

    John Hemmerling

    • Assistant Director, Naperville Campus; Part-Time Faculty
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  • Tyler Kahdeman

    Tyler Kahdeman

  • Erin Kasprzak

    Erin Kasprzak

    • Instructional Designer; Part-Time Faculty
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  • Jim Kelly

    Jim Kelly

  • Japa Khalsa

    Japa Khalsa

  • Zaya Khananu

    Zaya Khananu

    • Systems Support Coordinator; Part-Time Faculty
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  • Sara Kimble

    Sara Kimble

  • Carol Mahan Kimsey

    Carol Mahan Kimsey

  • James Kimsey

    James Kimsey

  • John Kimsey

    John Kimsey

  • Caroline Kisiel

    Caroline Kisiel

  • Melissa Koenig

    Melissa Koenig

  • Janine Komornick

    Janine Komornick

  • Jennifer Hou Kwong

    Jennifer Hou Kwong


  • Rachel LaForgia Pavlakis

    Rachel LaForgia Pavlakis

  • Ivania Larson

    Ivania Larson

  • David Lash

    David Lash

  • Elvrid Lawrence

    Elvrid Lawrence

  • Elizabeth Leavy

    Elizabeth Leavy

  • E. Pete Lewis

    E. Pete Lewis

  • Elisabeth Lindsay-Ryan

    Elisabeth Lindsay-Ryan

  • John LittleJohn Jr.

    John LittleJohn Jr.

    • Academic Advisor; Part-Time Faculty
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  • Jan Magree

    Jan Magree

  • Bridgette Mahan

    Bridgette Mahan

  • Catherine Marienau

    Catherine Marienau

    • Professor; Coordinator, Master of Arts in Educating Adults
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  • Akilah Martin

    Akilah Martin

  • Donald McKay

    Donald McKay

  • Jack McLaughlin

    Jack McLaughlin

  • Mike Mecozzi

    Mike Mecozzi

  • Pamela Meyer

    Pamela Meyer

    • Director, Center to Advance Education for Adults; Part-Time Faculty
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  • Nancy Morgan

    Nancy Morgan

    • Instructional Designer; Part-Time Faculty
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  • David Morris

    David Morris

  • Raymond Sambuli Mosha

    Raymond Sambuli Mosha

  • William Muller

    William Muller

  • Scott Murdoch

    Scott Murdoch

  • Joan Murphey

    Joan Murphey

  • Doug Murphy

    Doug Murphy

    • Senior Assistant Dean; Part-Time Faculty
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  • Nora Murphy

    Nora Murphy


  • Kyle Nash

    Kyle Nash

  • Karl Nass

    Karl Nass

  • Michelle Navarre Cleary

    Michelle Navarre Cleary

    • Associate Professor; Associate Dean, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
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  • Lori Neblung

    Lori Neblung

    • Academic Advisor; Full-Time Faculty
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  • Donald Opitz

    Donald Opitz

    • Associate Professor and Senior Director for Mentoring and Student Services
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  • Gina Orlando

    Gina Orlando

  • Melinda Orzoff

    Melinda Orzoff



  • Esther Quintero Guzman

    Esther Quintero Guzman


  • Cecelia Radlowski

    Cecelia Radlowski

  • Barbara Radner

    Barbara Radner

    • Associate Professor; Director, Center for Urban Education
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  • Pervez Rahman

    Pervez Rahman

  • Clifford Ratza

    Clifford Ratza

  • Susan Reed

    Susan Reed

  • Lovelle Reynolds

    Lovelle Reynolds

  • Jean Richine

    Jean Richine

    • Academic Advisor; Part-Time Faculty
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  • Barbara Ridd

    Barbara Ridd

  • Mark Robinson

    Mark Robinson

  • Pat Rocco

    Pat Rocco

  • Russ Rogers

    Russ Rogers

    • Professor; Director, Graduate Programs
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  • Emily Rosenberg

    Emily Rosenberg


  • R. Craig Sautter

    R. Craig Sautter

  • Dee Schmidgall

    Dee Schmidgall

    • Instructional Designer; Part-Time Faculty
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  • Kathleen Schmidt

    Kathleen Schmidt

  • Leodis Scott

    Leodis Scott

  • Cynthia Sims

    Cynthia Sims

  • Regina Spellers Sims

    Regina Spellers Sims

  • Michael Skelley

    Michael Skelley

  • Kenn Skorupa

    Kenn Skorupa

    • Assistant Director, Joint Degree Programs; Part-Time Faculty
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  • Patrick Smith

    Patrick Smith

  • Deborah Snyder

    Deborah Snyder

  • Peggy St. John

    Peggy St. John

  • Ann Folwell Stanford

    Ann Folwell Stanford

  • Patricia Stifter

    Patricia Stifter

  • Charles Stone

    Charles Stone

  • Gabriele Strohschen

    Gabriele Strohschen

  • Tom Sullivan

    Tom Sullivan

  • Patricia Szczerba

    Patricia Szczerba


  • John Tallarovic

    John Tallarovic

  • Rita Thomson

    Rita Thomson

  • Eric Thor

    Eric Thor

  • Darrylinn Todd

    Darrylinn Todd

  • Kurtis Todd

    Kurtis Todd

  • Derise Tolliver

    Derise Tolliver

  • Raymund Torralba

    Raymund Torralba

  • Maude Toussaint-Comeau

    Maude Toussaint-Comeau

  • Steffanie Triller Fry

    Steffanie Triller Fry

  • Norene Trondsen

    Norene Trondsen

  • Therese Tyranowksi

    Therese Tyranowksi


  • Maria Ugarte-Ramos

    Maria Ugarte-Ramos



  • Jane Wagoner

    Jane Wagoner

  • Elizabeth Wall

    Elizabeth Wall

  • Jennifer Weggeman

    Jennifer Weggeman

  • Anna Maria Wegierek

    Anna Maria Wegierek

  • Fred Wellisch

    Fred Wellisch

  • Roy Whitmore

    Roy Whitmore

  • Gretchen Wilbur

    Gretchen Wilbur

    • Associate Professor; Director, Assessment
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  • Bruce Williams

    Bruce Williams

  • Shana Wills

    Shana Wills

  • Valerie Worthington

    Valerie Worthington



  • Amy Ziolkowski

    Amy Ziolkowski

  • Catherine Zurybida

    Catherine Zurybida