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Donald Opitz

  • Associate Professor; Associate Dean, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
  • 312-362-6426

Prof. Opitz obtained his BS in physics and mathematics from DePaul University and PhD in history of science and technology from the University of Minnesota. He researches the intersection between science and culture in late-nineteenth century Britain, with an emphasis on the roles of class, gender and sexuality in knowledge-making and institution-building. He is currently writing a book on the British scientific aristocracy and continuing a study of the British womens agricultural education movement. His teaching emphasizes the relevance of historical inquiry for critical thinking and decision making in society today. He is a member of DePaul's LGTBQ Studies Advisory Board. Born and raised in Chicago, he tends a community garden plot and occasionally plays French horn in community and semi-professional groups.

Recent Awards and Grants
Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science Research Fellow, 2013-2014
DePaul Humanities Center Faculty Fellow, 2010-2011
DePaul Institute for Nature & Culture Faculty Fellowship, 2009
Selected Publications
Opitz, D.L. (2014). "'Back to the land': Lady Warwick and the Movement for Women's Collegiate Agricultural Education"  Agricultural History Review 62: 119-145

Opitz, D.L. (2014). "'The sceptre of her pow'r': Nymphs, Nobility, and Nomenclature in Early Victorian Education" British Journal for the History of Science 47: 67-94.

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Opitz, D. L. (2012). Co-operative Comradeships versus Same-Sex Partnerships: Historicizing Collaboration among Homosexual Couples in the Sciences. In  For Better or For Worse? Collaborative Couples in the Sciences, ed. A. Lykknes, D. L. Opitz, and B. Van Tiggelen. Basel: Birkhuser Springer.

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