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Marisa Alicea Social Impact Scholarship

Marisa Alicea
Dean Marisa Alicea
In honor of Dean Marisa Alicea’s life-long work and scholarship in community engagement and celebrating her commitment to students who are working on various social impact strategies, we have launched the Marisa Alicea Social Impact Scholarship.

In the short time since the scholarship was created, we have already raised the initial $10,000 required to name the fund. We are now working to raise at least an additional $15,000 to endow the fund, so that it endures year after year in honor of Dean Alicea, and as an important resource to our students.

Undergraduate and graduate students meeting one or more of the following criteria may be eligible for scholarship funds:
Students who are registered for coursework in social justice, social change, conscious business or other social impact coursework
Students whose learning plans are focused on social impact
Students who are doing independent learning or culminating (advanced / applied / integrating) projects with social impact goals
Students who are volunteering on a community-based initiative, non-profit, school board, or other social impact initiative.

To contribute to the fund visit:​
Scroll down to the section “Select Fund(s) by School or Area
Choose School for New Learning in the dropdown menu
In the dropdown menu immediately below, choose “Marisa Alicea Social Impact Scholarship”
Continue completion of the online form

Please help us celebrate Dean Alicea and support students working to make a difference!