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SNL Distinctions

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Shirin Ali Certified as Project Specialist

Associate​ Director of SNL Online and part-time faculty member Shirin Ali​​ was certified as a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in Managing Projects.

Marisa Alicea, Akilah Martin and Michelle Navarre Cleary Lead Panel Presentations

Professor Marisa Alicea, Associate Professor and Senior Director for Mentoring and Student Services Akilah Martin and Associate Professor Michelle Navarre Cleary presented on a variety of panels at the 2016 CBExchange​​ in Phoenix, Arizona.​

Sara Kimble Publishes Book

Assis​tant Professor Sara Kimble co-edited New Perspectives on European Women's Legal History​published by Routledge.

Catherine Marienau and Donna Younger Lead Seminars

Pro​fessor Catherine Marienau and part-time faculty member Donna Younger co-led a webinar and workshop to showcase the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning's 3rd edition of Assessing Learning: Quality Standards and Institutional Commitments.

Zoaib Mirza Receives Award

Part-time faculty member Zoaib Mirza​ won a 2016 SLATE Star Award.​  The award recognizes those who demonstarte leadership and initiative, presented new ideas, improved procedures, established effective relationships or provided substantial resources that have affected the success and promotion of SLATE (Supporting Learning and Teaching in Education) and its members.

Michelle Navarre Cleary Contributes to CBE Research Study

Associ​ate Professor Michelle Navarre Cleary contributed to a recent study on the efficacy of Competence Based Education (CBE) by the American Institutes for Research​​ that featured six institutions including SNL.

Donald Opitz Presents Symposium

Associate P​rofessor and Associate Dean for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Donald Opitz​ presented the commentary for the symposium "Science funding and gendered scientific personae in interwar Europe" at the 7th Int​ernational Conference of the European Society for the History of Science​ in Prague, Czechia .

Donald Opitz Gives Presentation

Ass​ociate Professor and Associate Dean for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Donald Opitz​ presented "Essential(ist) Tensions between Science, LGBTQ Studies, and LGBTQ Activism' in the rountable he organized, "Science Studies and LGBTQ+ Activism Inside and Outside the Academy"​ at the History of Science Society Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ann Stanford Receives Grant

Profess​or Ann Stanford received a grant from the University Research Assistance Program to work on the Kenyan Daughters of Charity Oral History Project with Dean and Professor Marisa Alicea​ and SNL undergraduate student Amy Waters.

Ann Stanford Publishes Poems

Professor Ann Stanford​ published two poems, "Bathing Women" appeared in  issue #36 of Slipstream magazine and "Ruins" will appear in the 2017 Syracuse Cultural Workers Women Artists Daybook.

Gabriele Strohschen Participates in Symposium

Associate ​Professor Gabriele Strohschen participated as a thought leader on adult program concepts in higher education at the Touching Tomorrow Symposium: A Leadership Roundtable on the Future of Workforce Education​. ​