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SNL Distinctions

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Marisa Alicea, Catherine Marienau and Michelle Navarre Cleary Serve on CBE Expert Team

​Professor Marisa Alicea and Associate Professor Michelle Navarre Cleary traveled to Ireland ​to participate as members of the Expert Working Group in the Higher Education Competency-Based Learning Project. Professor Catherine Marienau​​ is also a member of the working group.​​​​​​​​

Marisa Alicea Serves as Guest Co-Editor

Professor Marisa Alicea​​ co-edited "Revisiting Puerto Rican Chicago" and co-authored "De Bandera a Bandera (From Flag to Flag): New Scholarship about the Puerto Rican Disapora in Chicago"​ in the Fall 2016 issue of CENTRO, the Journal of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies​​​

Veronica Buckley Reelected Board President

​Academic Advisor and part-time faculty member Veronica Buckley was elected to a second term as Board President of The Boulevard of Chicago​​, the only shelter in Chicago serving homeless men and women after hospital release.

Jim Caffey Appointed to American Geophysical Union

​Part-time faculty member Jim Caffey​ was appointed a full member of the American Geophysical Union. This status is awarded to professional scientists actively engaged in Geophysics, Earth or Space Sciences who are full members of the American Meteorological Society​.

Joseph Chen Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure

​Assistant Professor Joseph Chen​ was granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor.

Kevin Downing Awarded Grant

Profess​or Kevin Downing​​ was awarded a Competitive Instructional Grant of $3,432 from the DePaul Univerity Quality of Instruction Council.

Nicholas Hayes Gives Presentations

​Student Support Coordinator and part-time faculty member​ Nicholas Hayes ​​co-presented "Our Nation's Second Largest Election: Miss Rhiengolds and Their Democratic Ambivalence" at the 2016 Midwest Popular Culture and American Culture Conference. He also presented "Once Upon a Time in the Not Too Distant Future: Bruce LaBruce's Zombies and Queer Purgatories"​ at the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture and American Culture Conference.

Sara Kimble Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure

Assistant Pro​fessor Sara Kimble​ was promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure.

Catherine Marienau Appointed to Legal Education Groups

P​rofessor Catherine Marienau​ has been appointed to a 3 year term on the Minimum Continuing Legal Education Board​ by the Illinois Supreme Court. She also serves on the working group for Innovative Adult Learning in Continuing Legal Education which selected her co-authored book  Facilitating Learning with the Adult Brain in Mind​, as a key resource.

Akilah Martin Awarded Grant

Senior Director for Mentoring and Student Services and Assoc​iate Professor Akilah Martin​ was awarded The Provost's Collaborative Research Fellow Grant of $20,000. The grant includes use of a dedicated space at the Loop campus for the research team for a year , a stipend of $2,000 and recognition as a Research Fellow for each faculty member of the team.

Pamela Meyer Gives Keynote

​Director of the Center to Advance Education for Adults and part-time faculty member Pamela Meyer​ delivered the keynote address at the Mountain Pacific Association of Colleges and Employers.

Michelle Navarre Cleary Awarded Grant

​Associate Professor Michelle Navarre Cleary​​ was awarded a University Research Council Global Engagement Grant of $3,785 for her project, "Launching the International Working Group on Competency Based Learning in Higher Education." 

Donald Opitz Awarded Grant

Associate Dean for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment and Associate Professor Donald Opitz​​ was awarded a DePaul Academic Initiatives Grant of $6,600 to fund summer research assistance for his project "Plant Matters." This project will create the groundwork to establish a plants study network in Chicagoland. 

Donald Opitz Publishes Chapter

Associate Dean for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment and Associate Professor Donald Opitz​ published his chapter, "El tamaño sí importa Victoria florilegia y la encarnación de la autoridad botánica" in Volume 3 of Palas y las musas: diálogos entre la ciencia y el arte​, published by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.​

Gabriele Strohschen Joins Task Force

A​ssociate Professor Gabriele Strohschen​ was invited to join Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin's Educ​ation AdvisoryTask Force.

Gabriele Strohschen Selected as Faculty Advisor

Associate​ Professor Gabriele Strohschen​ was selected as faculty advisor to the DePaul chapter of the Golden Key National Honor Society.  In this role, she coordinated a Teach-In with society members, community organizers and members of the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers / Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM Local 300) on advocacy and social responsibility.

Norene Trondsen Receives Award

Part-​time faculty member Norene Trondsen received an Innovation Award for her corporate e-learning program at Skillsoft Perspectives 2016​.

Gretchen Wilbur Granted Tenure

Director of Assessment and Associa​te Professor Gretchen Wilbur​ was granted tenure.

Benjamin Yeo Publishes Study

Assistant Professor Benjamin Yeo conducted a study that measured the impact of Genesys Works. His findings show that each employee who graduated from the Genesys Works program generated, on average, nearly 54 percent more for the state's economy than other workers in the same year.​