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SNL Distinctions

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Molly Dumbleton Wins Fiction Prizes

Part-time faculty member Molly Dumbleton was awarded 1st Prize in the Kelly Barnhill Micro-Fiction Contest and 3rd Prize in the Bath Flash Fiction Award. Molly was also a finalist for God Nor Beast (a collection of short stories) at the Iowa Short Fiction Awards​.​​

Nicholas Hayes Publishes Articles

Writing Support Coordinator and part-time faculty member Nicholas Hayes published flash fiction from his in-progress manuscript in the Survision Magazine and Former Cactus magazine with poems entitled: AccommodationsFervor and Industrious.​​

Nicholas Hayes, Kamilah Cummings and Steffanie Triller Fry Publish Article

Writing Support Coordinator Nicholas Hayes an part-time faculty members Steffanie Triller Fry and Kamilah Cummings published “Designing a writing program for non-traditional adult students: a case study” in The Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education.​

Dan Hibbler Hosts and Travels for Professional Fellows Program

Associate Professor Dan Hibbler participated in the Professional Fellows program as a ​host and was selected for reciprocal travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sara Kimble Publishes Article

Associate Professor Sara Kimble published “Transatlantic Networks for Legal Feminism, 1888–1912" in Forging Bonds across Borders. Transatlantic Collaborations for Women’s Rights and Social Justice in the Long Nineteenth Century in a special issue of ​German Historical Institute Bulletin Supplement, edited by Britta Waldsch​midt Nelson and Anja Schüler, vol. 13, (2017), 55–73.     

John Kimsey Publishes Article

Associate Professor John Kimsey published The Ends of a State: James Angleton, Counterintelligence and the New Criticism. The Space Between: Literature & Culture, 1914-1945 in a peer-reviewed journal special issue on​ International Intrigue: Plotting Espionage as Cultural Artifact. Volume 13, 2017.

Pamela Meyer Gives Allstate Keynote

Part-time faculty member Pamela Meyer delivered the opening keynote for LearnCon, a conference for Allstate Learning and Development employees in February. 

Pamela Meyer Participates in Forum

Part-time faculty member Pamela Meyer​ collaborated with her colleagues ​as part of the Visionary Leaders Summit​, an online forum for non-profit and social change leaders.

Tom Nowak Serves Community

Part-time faculty member Tom Nowak serves as a volunteer in the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program for Senior Citizens. Tom was also recently elected as a trustee for Homewood Public Library District.

Donald Opitz Interviewed for Oxford Podcast

Associate Dean and Associate Professor Donald L. Opitz was interviewed for an episode on “Domestic Science in the 19th Century,​” of the Conversationalist Podcast hosted by University of Oxford.​

Donald Opitz Publishes Article

Associate Dean and Associate Professor Donald L. Opitz published a “Focus Box” on the “Emergence of LGBTQ Studies” for the textbook Living Out Loud: An Introduction to LGBTQ History, Society, and Culture, edited by Michael J. Murphy and Brytton Bjorngaard (Routledge, 2017).  ​​

Donald Opitz Selected Faculty Fellow

Associate Dean and Associate Professor Donald L. Opitz was selected a 2018–20 Faculty Fellow of the DePaul Humanities Center for its program on “Scale.”  ​​

Clifford Ratza Publishes Book

Part-time faculty member Clifford Ratza​ published the book, The Girl With The Lightning Brain​.​​, the first installment in his new Lightning Brain series.

Craig Sautter Publishes Article

Part-time faculty member Craig Sautter published a new article, “Moving Day​,” in the  Winter 2018 Chicago Quarterly Review,.​​

Eric Thor Leads Workshop

Part-time faculty member Eric Thor led a workshop, “Algebra: Let's Make It Stick,” at the Metropolitan Mathematics Club of Chicago annual “Conference of Workshops.”   ​​

Fred Wellisch Contributes to Festival

Resident faculty member Fred Wellisch delivered two monologues as part of a program called “Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before​​​ at the Rhino Festival at Prop Theater.

Benjamin Yeo Publishes Article

Assistant Professor Benjamin Yeo published Predicting Service Industry Performance Using Decision Tree Analysis ​in the February 2018 issue of the International Journal of Information Management, 38(1), 288-300.​​

Gabriele Strohschen Publishes Chapter

​Associate Professor Gabriele Strohschen​​ contributed a chapter, "Metagogy: Toward a Contemporary Adult Education Practice" in Teacher Education in the Global Era: Perspectives and Practices by Dr. Pushpanadham.  The chapter was baased on her book, The Metagogy Project: A Theorum for a Contemporary Adult Education Praxis (2017).