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Transition DePaul

Making the connection with a university can be difficult. How do you connect with a university's faculty and staff? How do you make connections with the friends and classmates that await you in a large urban center like Chicago?

The answer is simple: Transition DePaul.

We recognize that you may have attended an orientation already as a freshman at another institution, and we also recognize that your needs are different from that of a freshman student. That's why we've created the Transition DePaul program. In fact, Transition DePaul could be your most beneficial experience as you start at DePaul.

Your new environment promises fresh challenges and opportunities, and Transition DePaul will help you to make your most crucial connections at DePaul University. Our orientation staff will make certain that you get connected with university resources, services and involvement opportunities. 

Transition DePaul, our mandatory orientation program for transfer and adult students, is a day-long program offered throughout the summer for students entering in the autumn quarter, and periodically throughout the academic year for students who begin in the winter and spring quarters. Depending on your college, your Transition DePaul program will either be in the Loop or Lincoln Park campus. Transition DePaul offers a convenient way to learn about college-specific requirements, register for courses, discover campus resources and meet future classmates.

DePaul has academic resources to help students prepare for their Transition DePaul sessions. Students are encouraged to explore the undergraduate course catalog and review the registration and degree planning tools. To learn more about these resources, please visit DePaul Central.