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Graduate Programs

SNL offers three graduate programs and two graduate-level certificates.

Graduate Degrees

  • Applied Professional Studies (MAAPS): For students looking to customize their own area of study guided by a graduate framework
  • Applied Technology (MSAT):  For students who want to further explore the field of educating adults by building their knowledge and skills in assessment, design, facilitation and practice-based inquiry

  • Educating Adults (MAEA):  For students who want to develop a highly focused set of applied technologies skills and learn how to help organizations connect their technical and social systems with one another

Graduate Certificates

Graduate Admission

  • Complete an online application 
  • Upload your resume
  • Interview with a faculty mentor
  • Provide official transcripts from each institution attended
  • Applications are reviewed on a revolving basis by the Graduate Admission Committee. After an initial review, you will be contacted for a brief interview to help you decide how the program fits your learning goals. 

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