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Undergraduate Registration Form

Example: Fall 2016


Example: SW 298 Exploring the Internet


Enter a registration number for each course competency. Examples: S1X: 37457; FX: 38479. Enter full competency statement and no registration number for GIS. Example: A2X: Can explain an online social issue. Find registration numbers in Course Schedules at

You may register for 2 competencies in most SNL courses.


If registering for Externship or Advanced Project with your Faculty Mentor or if registering for a Guided Independent Study, please select Faculty Mentor below. Otherwise, leave blank.


Please indicate the name of the instructor with whom you would like to register for a Guided Independent Study.


By submitting this form, you acknowledge academic and financial responsibility resulting from this registration. You understand and agree to all terms and conditions re course registration in DePaul's class schedules, regulations and relevant policies pertaining to course pre-reqs and enrollment restrictions.