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Undergraduate Degree Programs

  • Business Administration (BAPS)
    SNL Student
    Provides a grounding in general business who seek to deepen and expand their professional expertise

  • Computing (BAPS): Designed for those who seek to advance their careers in a range of fields involving computer and networking technologies

  • Healthcare Administration (BA): Designed for  those seeking to advance their careers in Healthcare or those who desire to redirect their careers to the Healthcare area

  • Decision Analytics (BA)Decision analytics is an interdisciplinary field dedicated to the collection, analysis and communication of complex and dynamic data sets
If you have an Associates Degree or 66 applicable semester hours we also offer accelerated two year programs:
  • Leadership Studies (BA):  For those interested in developing career expertise in fields such as communication, conflict management, and organizational change

  • Applied Behavioral Sciences (BA)For those who would like to pursue a career in human services, social work, nonprofit management and other related fields

Undergraduate Admission