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Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of major theoretical traditions within psychology and related social sciences and analyze their shaping effects on key subject matter areas within those disciplines.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of major mental health treatment models across the human life course.
  • Understand and appreciate the complexities of human communication and how these dynamics impact life in relationships, groups, organizational and cultural settings.
  • Interpret basic statistical results from social science research and be able to evaluate their validity.
  • Demonstrate writing skills appropriate to college graduates with a special emphasis on writing in the disciplines.
  • Apply and analyze all central elements of scientific research methods, including a framework for evaluating ethical decisions in research and protecting human and animal subjects.
  • Understand and appreciate the role of psychological phenomena in social, community and organizational contexts.
  • Apply the elements of logical, critical thinking in the development of work-based models of negotiation and leadership.