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Business Administration (BA in Professional Studies)

The Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies with a major in Business Administration provides a grounding in general business applicable to those in management positions for students with workplace experience who seek to deepen and expand their professional expertise.  Students can complete the entire degree online.

In this program, students examine their prior and current work experience in light of theory and principles, while applying their new learning to solve current workplace challenges.

Graduates of this program are well positioned to address business and organizational issues and make optimal decisions and become promotable leaders with education that represents the kind of agile and critical thinking skills addressed by solid liberal arts learning integrated with more specialized business  education.

This major is designed for working adult students, 24 and older, who want the following:

A structured path to graduation
A professional major valued by employers and with learning they can apply immediately
Acceleration and affordability by being able to maximize transfer credit 
Acceleration and affordability by earning credit through assessment of evidence of their prior learning from personal and professional experiential learning
Learning in the company of other adults
To complete the degree online
A degree that will allow them to advance in their current careers by enhancing their current professional portfolio with business administration literacy. 
The preparation to move easily into a master’s program if they are so inclined

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