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Program Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies with a major in Business Administration builds knowledge and skills for application in corporate and nonprofit settings, especially within administrative, managerial and supervisory positions. In this program, students examine their prior and current work experience in light of theory and principles. This program intentionally helps students to integrate liberal arts learning, with an emphasis on agile and critical thinking, with a professional specialization.

This major advances students' foundational business knowledge in a range of areas critical to business administration, especially project management, human resources, risk management, leadership, workplace law, globalization, ethical conduct, data analytics, and professional communications. With a range of courses in the major offered as electives, students may choose courses and specialize in areas of particular interest to them.

Graduates of this program will be particularly well positioned to make optimal decisions in the workplace and become promotable leaders. This major is designed for working adult students, 24 and older, who seek the following:
  • A professional major valued by employers and with learning they can apply immediately.
  • Acceleration and affordability by being able to maximize transfer credit.
  • Acceleration and affordability by earning credit through assessment of evidence of their prior personal and professional experiential learning.
  • Learning in the company of other adults with diverse workplace experiences.
  • A degree that can advance their careers by enhancing their current professional portfolio with further studies in business administration. 
  • A structured path to degree completion.
  • Preparation for a master’s program.