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Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:
  • Apply leadership skills in the workplace: lead teams to deliver results, communicate effectively, and execute decision-making.
  • Explain and manage human resources policies and functions that advance employees’ learning and development.
  • Identify risks to business and apply methods for mitigating those risks.
  • Apply fundamentals of project management to set priorities and achieve results.
  • Understand and apply quantitative methods of domestic and international finance.
  • Describe the meaning and the relevance of standard topics of economics and the role of government in a free capitalist democratic system.
  • Understand and discuss global issues in the workplace.
  • Develop and apply techniques for managing the sales and marketing functions of an organization.
  • Recognize the legal relationships that exist in the workplace and articulate the terminology describing those relationships.
  • Apply ethical reasoning to particular ethical questions in business and the professions.
  • Design and produce a significant product to be used in the workplace.