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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies with a major in Business Administration, students will be able to draw on their experience and formal knowledge gained in the classroom to:
Identify risks to the business and apply methods for mitigating those risks.
Mitigate workplace issues using fundamentals of project management.
Manage and implement human resource policies. 
Explains functions of learning and development in the workplace.
Lead teams to deliver results in the workplace.
Develop and execute methods of inquiry to pose and solve problems in the workplace.
Execute decision-making in the workplace.
Communicate effectively in the workplace.
Work collaboratively and creatively to solve structured, semi-structured and unstructured problems in the workplace.
Use their own ideas and those of others to draw meaning from experiences.
Engage in reflective practice and lifelong learning. 
Discuss global issues in the workplace.
Design and produce significant product to be used in the workplace.
Examine the quantitative methods which embody the disciplines of domestic and international finance.
Articulate the legal relationships that exist in the workplace and master the terminology describing those relationships.
Describe the meaning and the relevance of standard topics of economics and the role of government in a free capitalist democratic system.
Apply the process of reasoning to particular ethical questions in business and the professions.
Apply a portfolio of techniques and tools for managing the sales and marketing functions of an organization.