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Combined Bachelor's/ Master's Program

​​To earn the master's degree, the student must earn at least 52 graduate credit hours (13 graduate courses). Twelve hours of graduate credits taken during the undergraduate career may also apply to the graduate degree. Only CDM courses may be taken as part of this program.

In order to apply for the combined degree program, your faculty advisor must send an e-mail recommendation to the Assistant Director of SNL Joint Degree Programs. The recommendation should include your full name, DePaul student ID number, and the bachelor's and master's degrees you wish to combine.

Admissions Criteria

Minimum of 6 courses (24 credit hours) completed at DePaul.
GPA of 3.3 or higher in courses taken at DePaul.
Endorsement of faculty advisor.
The following Computing Digital Media graduate programs have been approved as combined degree options:

Animation (MA)
Applied Technology (MS, Joint CDM / SNL Degree)
Business Information Technology (MS)
Cinema Production (MS)
Computational Finance (MS)
Computer Science (MS)
Cybersecurity (MS)
E-Commerce Technology (MS)
Game Programming (MS)
Health Informatics (MS)​
Human Computer Interaction (MS)
Information Systems (MS)
Information Technology Project Management (MS)
Network Engineering and Security (MS)
Predictive Analytics (MS)
Software Engineering (MS)​