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Program Requirements

Lifelong Learning Area

The Lifelong Learning Area consists of 12 competencies satisfied by SNL courses, approved transfer courses or proficiency exams.

Liberal Learning Area

The Liberal Learning Area consists of 26 competencies in 4 categories. Competencies are satisfied by DePaul courses, approved transfer courses and documented learning experience. Most SNL courses fill two ​competency requirements. Required courses and competencies are listed below:

Arts & Ideas Category:

    • Communications course from DePaul or SNL
    • Professional Business Writing course from DePaul
    • Business Ethics Course from DePaul or SNL
    • 3 SNL Arts and Ideas competencies

Human Community Category:

Scientific World Category:

Elective Category:

Focus Area

The Focus Area consists of 12 competencies satisfied through 9 Business courses and the SNL Advanced Project course:


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