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Learning Outcomes

​​Students will be able to:
  • Use independent learning skills and strategies to organize, initiate, and document prior, current, and future college-level learning.

  • Design learning strategies to attain goals for personal and educational development.

  • Reflect on the learning process and methods used in an experiential project.

  • Articulate the personal and social value of lifelong learning.

  • Assess the social and personal value of civic engagement for achieving change.

  • Write to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate experiences and concepts to demonstrate competencies.

  • Analyze issues and reconcile problems through critical and appreciative thinking.

  • Use mathematical symbols, concepts, and methods to describe and solve problems.

  • Learn collaboratively and examine the skills, knowledge, and values that contribute to such learning.

  • Pose questions and use methods of formal inquiry to answer questions and solve problems.

  • Analyze a problem using two different ethical systems.

  • Define and analyze a creative process.

  • Analyze power relations among racial, social, cultural, or economic groups in the United States.

  • Analyze issues and problems from a global perspective.

  • Describe and explain connections among diverse aspects of nature.

  • Explain and evaluate the nature and process of science.

  • Design and produce a significant document that gives evidence of advanced competency in one’s own focus area.​