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Gabriele Strohschen

  • Associate Professor
  • 312-362-5122
Dr. Gabriele Strohschen, EdD, is Associate Professor at SNL, where she also served as Director for the Graduate Programs. She designed and implemented SNL’s first transnational graduate program in Thailand, and co-developed several of the school’s graduate program options. She was the inaugural director of National-Louis University's online graduate program in adult education from 1999 through 2003.  Her international work focuses on action research and program development and evaluation in Kenya, Germany, Thailand, China, and Mexico, within and emancipatory/popular adult education praxis. She has consulted with UNESCO, conducting adult education program evaluations in Afghanistan.  Dr. Strohschen was Visiting Professor and Dissertation Advisor at Assumption University and Burapha University (Thailand), and currently serves as Dissertation Advisor for Alagappa University, Andhra University (India), and Argosy University and National-Louis University.  Prior to working in academia, she was a community organizer in Chicago’s Latino immigrants and Black neighborhoods, and continues this work as a volunteer now through Community Connexxions, a cooperative of educators, activists, and artists.  In her capacity as Faculty Mentor, she encourages students to publish and present at professional associations and events.  Toward that end, her advisees have published in peer-reviewed journals (IFOTS and Adult Learning) and conference proceedings (UMN), and have presented at the Adult and Higher Education Alliance; the American Association of Adult and Continuing Education; the Illinois Adult Education Association; and the Mentoring Institute at University of New Mexico. Dr. Strohschen is President of the Adult and Higher Education Alliance and President of the Phi Beta Delta Honor Society – Delta Theta Chapter, DePaul University. She has published nationally and internationally, with all royalty proceeds of the publications going to two orphanages:

Ban Thanhathai Pawai Orphanage - Ratchaburi, Thailand:

The Mama Sarah Obama Foundation:

In addition to mentoring SNL graduate students, she has taught the following courses (* indicates courses also taught online):

SNL Graduate Programs:
MA in Applied Professional Studies and MA in Educating Adults
SNL 700/501 Learning Plan Research and Development Seminar**
SNL 702/502 Learning Plan Review
SNL 656 Methods of Research And Reflection in Leadership
SNL 525 Applying Research Methods
SNL 540 Residential and Seminars/MAAPS-Bangkok Campus
EA 515 Developing Professional Identity
EA 526 Assessing Learning and Evaluating Programs
SNL 528, 548, 558, 578 Assessment and Integration Seminar series
SNL 627B/SNL 627C Applied Inquiry Project proposals
SNL 628 Applied Inquiry Project

BAIFA Program:

LL 250 Foundations of Adult Learning *
LL 300 Research Seminar*
DCM 309 Applied Research Methods *

DePaul University – School of Public Service:
MPS 570 – Research Methods*

Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand:
(Visiting Professor for DePaul University)

PhD Program in Educational Leadership
El 8101 Educational Leadership: Theory and Practice
EL 8102 Seminar in Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Leadership
EL 8113 Advanced Educational Research Methodology and Analysis
ED 6001 Sociology of Education
EA 6217 Educational Administration: Issues
MEd Program in Curriculum and Instruction
CI 6111 Theory and Practice of Instruction
EA 6112 Administrative Leadership
CI 6112 Curriculum Development and Organization
ED 6005 Comparative and International Education

Burapha University, Bangsaen, Thailand:
(Visiting Professor for DePaul University)

MA in Education (Seminars)
Educational Leadership – International Issues
Instructional Technology – Bilingual Education Strategies

Bondo University College, Bondo, Kenya, Africa:
(Guest Lecturer)

BA in Teacher Education (Seminars)
Professional Development for Teachers
Instructional Design

National Louis University:
MA in Adult, Continuing, and Literacy Education

ACE 501 History and Philosophy of Adult Education*
ACE 503 Adult Learning and Development*
ACLE 510  Instructional Communications*
ACE 522 Adult Education in a Socio-Cultural and Political Context*
ACE 533 Technology for Adult Education*
ACE 546  Research Methodologies for Adult Education*
ACE 593A/B Integrative Seminar in Adult and Continuing Education*

EdD in Adult and Continuing Education
ACE 600 Introduction to the Adult Education Doctoral Program
ACE 601 Advanced Seminar: Critical Reflection and Critical Thinking
ACE 602 Life History and Adult Education
ACE 603 Advanced Adult Development and Learning
ACE 604 Adult Education: Core Concepts and Processes
ACE 605A Reflective Practice Seminar I
ACE 610 Research Methods in Adult Education
ACE 620 Understanding Adult Education Practice
ACE 605B Reflective Practice Seminar II
ACE 640 Research: Critical Engagement Project Proposal Seminar
ACE 650 Research: Literature Review Seminar
ACE 655 Philosophy of Adult Education
ACE 605C Reflective Practice Seminar III
ACE 660    Research: Critical Engagement Project Methodology
ACE 661    Educating in a Social and Political Context
ACE 605D Reflective Practice Seminar IV
ACE 670    Research: Advanced Data Collection and Analysis
ACE 605E  Reflective Practice Seminar V
ACE 699A Dissertation: Critical Engagement Project I
ACE 699B Dissertation: Critical Engagement Project II