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Prepare For Review

Purpose: In 2006, the School for New Learning faculty approved the creation of the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee (TLA) to develop processes for coordinating the work of reviewing all courses in the curriculum, with an emphasis on providing feedback to faculty in helping develop their courses’ alignment to competencies.


Selection: The chair of TLA notifies faculty by e-mail when a course is selected for review in a particular term. In selecting courses, TLA works with the associate deans to identify a selection of courses that provides a good cross-distribution of competency categories in the curriculum.

Get Started and Ask Questions: To begin preparation of materials, it is helpful to review SNL resources and guidelines and to preview the self-assessment form questions that you will answer. See Design SNL Courses for guidelines and strategies for aligning course to competencies. See also the Course Author Self-Assessment Form and the Reviewer’s Rating Form. Questions may be directed to the TLA Chair.

Materials to Submit: In addition to a completed self-assessment form, faculty will submit a course syllabus, vitae/resume, and up to 10 pages of supplementary materials that help show how competencies are addressed and assessed.

Timeline and Communications: After course review materials are submitted, TLA strives to complete the review and provide feedback within six weeks. If relevant, course authors have the option of submitting revisions within three weeks to address feedback. Any follow-up actions will be agreed upon by TLA Chair, Associate Dean and course author within five weeks after receiving revisions.