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Competency Based Degree Programs Update

What is happening to SNL's competency based programs?

Like all colleges and universities, SNL regularly reviews its academic programs to ensure they reflect the best practices in higher education for adults.  While we originally planned to revise the BA with an Individualized Focus Area, BA in Computing, BA in General Business, and ​BA​ in Early Childhood Education this fall, after further research and deliberation, we decided to develop several new degrees and eventually phase out the competency-based BA programs.

In anticipation of this phasing out, we admitted our last cohorts to these programs in Spring 2017.

Note these programs will remain active for current students for the next six years (through Spring 2023).

What does this mean for me as a current SNL student?

Nothing will change in your current program if you are student in the BA with an Individualized Focus Area, BA in Computing, BA in General Business or BA in Early Childhood Education. You will have 6 years (through Spring 2023) to complete your degree, provided you remain active in your degree program. In order to be considered active, you must enroll in a course at least once every three quarter each year, not including summer.​

What if I can't enroll in classes in a quarter?

If you continue to enroll in courses each quarter, nothing will change.  The key is to continue to make progress toward your degree.
  • If you do not enroll in a course in one quarter, nothing will change and you will remain active in your current degree program.
  • If you do not enroll in a course in two consecutive quarters, you must enroll in the next quarter to remain active.
  • If you do not enroll in a course for three consecutive quarters (not including Summer), you will be become discontinued. When you return to SNL, you will be readmitted into one of the new degree programs and need to complete additional requirements.

What should I do now?

What if I am a discontinued student?

Welcome back! You can transfer your current completed work into a new degree program after you are readmitted.  Contact the SNL Advising Center at or 312-362-5445 for their assistance in determining which program would be the best fit for you to complete your degree.​

What can I do if I have a financial or academic 'hold?'

​Do not let a hold, hold you back. Apply for readmission and you will be counseled on next steps by SNL advisor Roni Buckley.​​ 

What if I have additional questions?

Please c​ontact your faculty mentor or academic advisor if you have additional questions, or email​ or call 312-362-5445.

What programs are transitioning?

The BA with an Individualized Focus Area, BA in Computing, BA in General Business, and BA in Early Childhood Education are not accepting new students. However, these programs will be active for the next six years with SNL courses continuing to offered online and at the Loop campus.

Nothing will change if you are a student in our BA in Leadership Studies, BA in Applied Behavioral Studies, and BA in Decision Analytics. We continue to offer these degree programs and encourage your academic progress in your studies.

 ​Nothing will change if you are a student in our graduate degree programs (Master of Arts in Applied Professional Studies, Master of Science in Applied Technology, Master of Arts in Educating Adults). We continue to offer these degrees and encourage your continued study.​