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Admission and Readmission

The following process and components apply to all of the School for New Learning’s (SNL) graduate programs and certificates. See Application and further information.

Application Steps

Step 1: Application and Required Materials.

Applicant submits:

  • a completed Application and fee (fee waived for DePaul alumni);
  • a current resume;
  • an Application Essay* (writing sample) that addresses key questions pertinent to assessing the “fit” of the particular program to the student and vice versa (essay waived for certificate applicants); and,
  • official, sealed transcripts documenting all prior college/university coursework including demonstration of a completed undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution.  A cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required for all prior coursework.
NOTE: Standardized test scores are not required; however, applicants who have taken tests such as the GRE, GMAT, Miller Analogies, etc., within the previous three years are encouraged to submit their scores. International students are advised to consult the International Programs Office to learn of further University requirements that may apply.

Step 2: Interview.

Upon initial review of application materials, a representative of the SNL Graduate Admissions Committee invites qualified applicants to an admissions interview. The purpose of this interview is to enable both the particular program and the applicant to further ascertain the match or alignment between what the particular graduate program/certificate offers and what the applicant is seeking in terms of his/her graduate-learning or certificate-learning experience.

Step 3: Review.

Information gleaned from each applicant’s materials and interview is reviewed and assessed by the SNL Graduate Admissions Committee in accordance with the particular program’s admission considerations. See admissions considerations below.

Step 4: Decision.

An admission decision is rendered and communicated to the applicant in writing. As necessary, SNL Graduate Programs reserve the right to admit particular applicants conditionally. In such cases, the terms (conditions and timeline) of the conditional status are noted in the student’s acceptance letter. Failure to satisfactorily adhere to or fulfill these terms may result in academic dismissal/withdrawal from the particular program.

Admission Considerations

The following areas are considered in making admission decisions:

  • applicant’s professional background including, for graduate program applicants, his/her possession of at least three years of experience, or equivalent, relevant to the particular SNL graduate program/certificate under consideration;
  • applicant’s possession of a practice-site (worksite or relevant application setting in which to apply learning from the particular SNL graduate/certificate program);
  • applicant’s educational goals/objectives and the congruence between those goals and the graduate/certificate program under consideration;
  • applicant’s learning values and skills (willingness and ability to conduct self-managed/independent learning; participate positively in peer-group learning; engage in self-assessment; engage in reflection to increase understanding and improve practice; and, organize areas of knowledge and skill into themes and describe evidence in support of such):
  • applicant’s access to, and ability to use, e-mail, the Internet, and necessary computer-based software; and,
  • applicant’s undergraduate cumulative GPA of no less than 3.0.

NOTE: The School for New Learning/DePaul University considers students on the basis of individual merit and without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national or ethnic origin, handicap, or other factors irrelevant to participation in its programs.

Admission Status

Students are to matriculate in the quarter for which they are admitted. Students failing to do so (and who later wish to start) are responsible to update their admissions materials and, if necessary—depending on changes to those materials—
reapply. The Graduate Programs Office maintains an admission file/status for one year from the date of admission. 

After three consecutive quarters, excluding summer, of no regi
stration activity (no credit hours or the minimal Continuing Activity Status), the University deems graduate students to be discontinued. Once discontinued, graduate students wishing to resume their graduate studies are required to reapply for admission to their respective graduate programs and, upon readmission, proceed in accordance with program specifications in place from that point forward, as well as any special directives provided at the point of readmission. These contingencies of reapplication / readmission also apply to graduate students who are not able to complete their graduate programs within the allotted six years from point of first enrollment.

International Admission

In addition to the Admissions Requirements above, International Students must also submit: 

  • Proof of English Language Proficiency.
  • English Proficiency Test. Applicants educated outside of the U.S., at an institution where English is not the primary language, must present proof of English proficiency to be considered for admission. DePaul University accepts the TOEFL, IELTS, or Pearson Test of English. Most scores are valid for two years only. Expired test scores will not be accepted.
The minimum scores considered for graduate admission to SNL are: 80 on the iBT of the TOEFL with an minimum score of 17 on each section
550 on the paper-based TOEFL test
213 on the computer-based TOEFL test
6.5 on the IELTS test
53 on the Pearson Test of English
  • Credential Evaluation. DePaul University requires that applicants educated outside of the U.S. submit official educational credentials and evaluation fee directly to one of the following companies:
  • One Earth International Credit Evaluation
  • Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE)
  • Educational Perspectives (EP)
Applicants must request a course by course evaluation. Please direct any questions about required credentials to the evaluation company. DePaul University will not accept evaluations from any evaluation company not listed here.
Upon admission, regarding student visa information, see

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