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Administration of Graduate Programs

SNL Graduate Programs employ administrative structures/processes that include the following:

The position of graduate programs director is filled by a resident faculty member charged to exercise overall responsibility for SNL graduate programs (curricula, procedures and personnel) in administering SNL's policy directives. Assisting the director in academic administration are the program coordinators (for MAAPS, MAEA, MSAT and for the Graduate Liberal Learning Seminars). In addition, SNL graduate programs are served by an associate director and graduate administrative staff who are responsible for recruitment/admissions and daily program administration.

The SNL Curriculum and Assessment Committee provides faculty governance and policy input regarding implementation and ongoing improvement of curricula, instruction, student matters and the general administration of SNL graduate programs. It is comprised of key positions with responsibility for various aspects of SNL's curricula as well as representative faculty. The committee meets monthly. Constituents interested in proposing items for the curriculum committee to consider are to contact the graduate programs director for details regarding how to proceed.

The Graduate Student Program Review Committee (GSPRC) is charged to review and evaluate student work at various points throughout respective graduate programs and to act on behalf of the curriculum committee regarding matters that cannot wait until the next curriculum committeemeeting. GSPRC also acts in cases of special review status and requests for readmission. At each juncture, the student's faculty mentor presents the student's work or situation to GSPRC. Subsequently, either the faculty mentor or the GSPRC chair communicates the committees action to the student. As needed, additional input is sought from other members of the SNL faculty and university community. GSPRC is comprised of a chairperson / coordinator (resident faculty member), a second member of the graduate faculty and each student's faculty mentor. The committee meets typically on the second Thursday of each month. Materials for review are to be submitted to one's faculty mentor (and through the faculty mentor to GSPRC members) at least one week prior to the meeting in which they are to be reviewed.

Policies (and Policy Changes)
Using designated administrative channels, SNL graduate programs develop and maintain policies to provide coordinated direction for, and common understanding regarding, the individual and combined contributions of its personnel and constituents. Policies are maintained in each program's guidebook and the SNL website (graduate portion), as well as the Graduate Programs Office, and are subject to university directives. As such, SNL graduate programs reserve the right to change or amend any of their standing policies (including, but not limited to, academic requirements for graduation) at any time. In the event of such changes, the Graduate Programs Office will endeavor to duly inform students; however, students are expected to assume responsibility for regularly updating themselves regarding the regulations and guidelines set forth by their graduate program, the school and the university as such pertain to their particular degree programs. Standing policies may be changed or amended upon completion of the following steps:
  1. Submission of proposed change to the curriculum committee;
  2. Review of the proposed change by the curriculum committee;
  3. Approval of the proposed change by the curriculum committee and, as necessary, further SNL/DePaul functions; and,
  4. Posting of the change and readying of new/revised materials.