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Registration Bulletins and Information

Registration Bulletins
A few weeks prior to the start of each quarter's registration period, SNL emails information regarding that quarter's Registration Bulletin to all active students (those who have registered within the previous three quarters). The Registration Bulletin provides enrollment instructions for each designated quarter, including specific program offerings, processes and deadlines.

Registration Process
All registrations must be completed at Campus Connection. Students must be registered in order to attend class. Questions regarding registration should be addressed to the SNL Graduate Programs Office at or (312) 362-5508. 

SNL graduate students wishing to enroll in courses offered by other schools/colleges within DePaul University are advised to contact the SNL Graduate Programs Office at  or (312) 362-5508 as soon as possible to ascertain applicable next steps. In doing so, students are advised it is the prerogative of the program offering a course to set its admissions requirements /restrictions, tuition rates and registration processes. (Note: DePaul's Driehaus College of Business limits the enrollment of non-business students to no more than three graduate Driehaus courses. In addition, courses within DePaul's College of Law, School of Theatre and School of Music are not available to students from other schools/colleges.)

Registration Holds
The university may place a registration/enrollment hold on a student's account preventing the student from registering for courses, competencies and/or other program components. Holds include:

(1) immunization hold (failure to submit required or updated immunization records). For information regarding immunizations holds, students should contact DePaul Central at (312)362-8610;

(2) financial hold (situation pertaining to ones financial account with the university). For information regarding financial holds, students should contact DePaul Central at (312)362-8610;

(3) advising hold (situation pertaining to one's academic program/progress). For information regarding advising holds, students should contact the SNL Graduate Programs Office at or (312) 362-8448 and/or their faculty mentors.

Course syllabi are updated quarterly.