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College Credit Request Form for Prior Learning

Use this form to submit Prior Learning that has not been previously credited on an accredited college transcript. Instructions:
  1. Select a course that matches your prior learning.
  2. You can select a course in your program or from any college that is accredited.
  3. Review the syllabus of the selected course and determine whether your prior learning relates to each of the outcomes stated in the syllabus.
  4. Prepare an explanation for how your prior learning demonstrates each outcome
  5. Complete this form.


Information about Course Syllabus to which you will match your ILP:


Instructions for Explanation:


Instructions for Uploads:

Please upload the course syllabus. If you are providing relevant documentation to justify your explanation, please upload.  

NOTE: if you are submitting multiple documents, they must be merged into a single file prior to uploading.


You will receive an email acknowledging your submission. Once your submission is assessed you will be notified by email.