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Negotiate Competence Request Form

If you are nearing the end of your program, you may request to take a competency not offered in a course. This is called 'negotiating a competency.' Such requests are reserved for students who have successfully completed LL 250 Foundations of Adult Learning and held a First Committee Meeting. Requests are reviewed by SNL's Exceptions Committee and must be approved by your faculty mentor, the course instructor and, in the case of Focus Area competencies, your professional advisor. The negotiated competency must be relevant to the subject matter of the course, fall within the instructor’s area of expertise and, for a Focus Area competency, be relevant to your focus of study. You may negotiate only one competency per course but should temporarily register for a competency already offered in the course to reserve a space in it. You should submit this request to negotiate a competency when registration for the quarter begins. Since this process may take up to four weeks, no request will be accepted after the end of the 4th week of the quarter. Negotiated competencies in travel courses are negotiated directly with the teacher of the course and do not require this form.


If you wish to drop a competency for which you are already registered, please list it below. 


If the negotiated competency is an FX, please describe below how the course relates to your Focus Area Title.