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Independent Learning Pursuits

Independent Learning Pursuits (ILPs) are opportunities for SNL students to pursue competency for prior college-level learning experiences obtained through professional development in the workplace, courses and workshops in non-accredited programs and independent learning—whether pursued at home, workplace or school. The learning experience may have been accomplished prior to or during studies at SNL.

Competency via an ILP is demonstrated by submission of the ILP Submission Form, plus an artifact, document or other evidence that addresses the criteria of the competency sought. Alternatively,creative visual arts projects can be demonstrated by participation in ArtShare. Certain credit-recommended or independently-accredited courses and programs may qualify as an Expedited ILP, which requires the Expedited ILP Submission Form, plus the transcript, certification, grade report or other documentary evidence of successful completion of the course or program.  See ILP Instructions for more guidance about how to complete the form and ILP Frequently Asked Questions.  After your mentor approves the ILP, a $150 fee will be charged upon ILP submission.

Expedited ILPs

SNL has authorized the following courses and programs as eligible for submission as Expedited ILPs. Submissions must include the Expedited ILP Submission Form and evidence of successful completion of the program or course.  The ILP submission is subject to review and approval by SNL before competence and credit may be awarded. For more information, see the Instructions​​ and Expedited ILP Policies and Procedures.  A $150 fee will be charged upon ILP submission.

To determine whether courses have been assessed by the agencies given above, visit the institution's website where the courses were taken—usually the "About" section of the institution's website will usually identify such assessment. It may also be useful to visit the credit-recommending or accrediting agencies' websites where online directories are provided.