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Transfer Coursework

Students can demonstrate competency at SNL through transfer of eligible courses taken at other regionally-accredited colleges. The courses must meet a combination of both DePaul University transfer criteria and SNL transfer criteria. These criteria typically include regional accreditation at the time the courses were taken; the courses are non-developmental or remedial; the student earned a minimum of two semester or three quarter credits in any particular course; the student earned a minimum of C- in any particular course; and the courses satisfy the criteria of SNL competencies.
The transfer process begins when DePaul Admissions receives the official transcripts from the college where the courses were taken. All other college courses are added to the course list in a student's Degree Progress Report, but only those courses already reviewed and assessed as applicable to SNL competencies are designated and posted as fulfilling degree requirements. Other eligible courses that may be applicable can be individually assessed after students submit further documentation. Students are guided in preparing courses for this further assessment during Foundations of Adult Learning.
Although a transfer course typically is assigned to only one SNL competency, there may be more than one competency for which the course is relevant. For this reason, with the approval of the faculty mentor or, for focus area courses, the academic committee, students may reallocate courses already assigned to competency to a different competency that is also satisfied by the course. See also the SNL Undergraduate Student Handbook.

Steps in the Transfer Process

  • Submit transcripts to DePaul Office of Admission, 1 East Jackson Blvd., Suite 9100, Chicago, IL 60604-2288.

  • Review preapproved transfer courses (sorted by course or sorted by competency ) with your academic advisor or in Foundations of Adult Learning.

  • Submit Transfer Coursework Assessment Form to faculty mentor for assessment of non-preapproved courses. For instructions about how to complete the online Transfer Coursework Assessment Form, please see the Transfer Coursework Form Instructions.

  • Bring any errors to the attention of the faculty mentor.

See the university Transfer Center for more information and explore the transfer tools . Also, review our policies.

DePaul participates in the Illinois Articulation Agreement (IAI), a state-wide agreement of more than 100 colleges to make transferring easier. Completing the IAI General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) at any participating Illinois college ensures transferring students that most of DePaul's lower-division general education requirements have been satisfied. Students will extra courses or who did not complete the GECC have their transfer courses reviewed individually.

How do I know I complete the GECC?

Review your Community College information with DePaul's Tra​nsfer Center​.

What classes have been approved for the GECC?

Enter your classes to create a report showing if the GECC is completed. See approved classes at the Transfer Planning Worksheet.

Can I transfer to DePaul if I have not completed the GECC?

Yes. Students are not required to complete this curriculum before admission.

How do I ensure my GECC is considered when transferring to SNL?

Please tell your Academic Advisor who will help confirm the transfer.