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Transfer Course List

These courses are pre-approved and do not require you to complete and submit Transfer Coursework Assessment forms. For instances where there are two or more competencies listed, the advisor or mentor can send a reallocation request to

 Acting A2X
 Adult Development H3X
 Algebra (College); or with Trigonometry L6, S2X
 American Government H1X
 American Government and Politics (Intro to) H1X
 American National Government H1X
 American Political System H1X
 American Politics H1X
 American Politics and Government (Intro to) H1X
 Anatomy (no lab) (Human) S2X
 Anatomy (with lab) (Human) S1X, S2X
Anatomy and Physiology (no lab) (Human) S3X, S2X
Anatomy and Physiology (with lab) (Human) S1X, S2X, S3X
Anthropology, Cultural H1X
Anthropology, Physical S2X
Archaeology (no fieldwork) S3X
Archaeology (with fieldwork) S1X
Art Appreciation A1X
Art History (e.g., Ancient Art, Medieval Art, Modern Art) A1X
Astronomy (Descriptive) S2X
Astronomy (no fieldwork) S2X
Astronomy (with fieldwork) S1X, SX2
Bible Studies A3X
Biology (no lab)
 Basic Principles of
 Intro to S2X
Biology(with lab)
 Basic Principles of
 Intro to S1X, S2X
Biology of Organisms (no lab) S2X
Biology of Organisms (with lab) S1X, S2X
Biology of Populations (no lab) S2X
Biology of Populations (with lab) S1X, S2X
Botany (no lab) S2X
Botany (with lab) S1X, S2X
Business Ethics A3X
Business Ethics (including Ethics and Society) A3X
Business Law H1X
Calculus L6, S2X
Cell Biology S2X
Cell Biology (with lab) S1X, S2X
Chemistry (no lab)
 Intro to
 Organic S2X
Chemistry (with lab)
 Intro to
 Organic S1X,S2X
Communication, Intercultural H1X
Communication, Interpersonal H3X
Comparative Religion A3X
Computer Information Systems, including Computer and Information
Science, Elements of S1X
Computer Literacy S1X
Computer Programming (Intro to) S1X
Constitutional Law H1X
Contemporary Health Issues S3X
Creative Writing A2X
Criminal Justice H2X
Criminal Justice: The Courts and Corrections S1X
Data Processing (Intro to) S1X
Discrete Math L6, S2X
Drawing (Intro to) A2X
Earth Science (no lab/fieldwork) S2X
Earth Science (with lab/fieldwork) S1X, S2X
Earth's Physical Landscape ( no lab/fieldwork) S2X
Earth's Physical Landscape ( with lab/fieldwork) S1X, S2X
Earths Physical Landscape: Introduction to Weather and Climate,
Geo 102 (no lab/fieldwork) S2X
Earths Physical Landscape: Introduction to Weather and Climate
Geo 102 (with lab/fieldwork) S1X, S2X
Earths Physical Landscape: Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere,
Geo 101 (no lab/fieldwork) S2X, S4
Earths Physical Landscape: Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere,
Geo 101 (with lab/fieldwork) S1X, S2X, S4
Ecology (no lab/fieldwork) S2X
Ecology (with lab/fieldwork) S1X, S2X
Environmental Geology (no lab/fieldwork) S2X
Environmental Geology (with lab/fieldwork) S1X, S2X
Environmental Geology, Env 115 (no lab/fieldwork) S2X
Environmental Geology, Env 115 (with lab) S1X, S2X 
Environmental Science (no lab/fieldwork) S2X
Environmental Science (with lab/fieldwork) S1X, S2X
Ethics A3X
Evolution S2X
Family Law H1X
Figure Drawing A2X
Film (Intro to) A1X
Finite Mathematics L6, S2X
First Aid S1X
Foreign Language H1X
Foreign Language: Any one term of a Foreign Language H1X
Foreign Language: Any two terms of a Foreign Language H1X
Gender Studies H1X,H2X, H4
Geography (Including Nature of Geography) S2X
Geology (no lab/fieldwork) S2X
Geology (with lab/fieldwork) S1X, S2X
Geometry (Analytical) S2X
Health S2X, S3X
History Department course (any) H1X
Human Growth and Development S2X, S3X
Human Health S2X, S3X
Humanities A1X
Humanities I A1X
Humanities II A1X
Interior Design A2X
International Politics H5
International Relations H5
Journalism H2X
Law H1X
Law and Society H1X
Law: Any Introductory course H1X
Life Science (no lab) S2X
Life Science (with lab) S1X, S2X
Linguistics H1X
 African American
 American A1X
Logic A3X
 Intro to
 Principles of H1X
Man and the Environment S2X
Marriage and Family H2X
Medical Transcription S3X
Mathematics, Finite L6, S2X
Mathematics, Discrete L6, S2X
Men's Studies H1X, H2X, H4
Metaphysics A3X
Microbiology (no lab) S2X
Microbiology (with lab) S1X, S2X
Microeconomics H1X
Microeconomics, Principles of H1X
Music (Intro to) A1X
Music Appreciation (Intro to) A1X
Native American Studies H1X
New Testament Studies A3X
Nutrition S2X, S3X
Oceanography S2X
Old Testament Studies A3X
Painting A2X
 Watercolor A2X
People and the Environment S2X
Personal Health or Science of Personal Health S2X, S3X
Philosophy (Intro to) or Philosophy and Its Issues A3X
Philosophy of Human Nature A3X
Photography A2X
Physical Geography S2X
Physical Science (no lab) S2X
Physical Science (with lab) S1X, S2X
Physics (no lab) S2X
Physics (with lab) S1X, S2X
Physiology (no lab) S2X, S3X
Physiology (with lab) S1X, S2X, S3X
Plant Life (no lab) S2X
Plant Life (with lab) S1X, S2X
Political Science H1X
Pre- Calculus L6, S2X
Programming S1X
Psychology H3X

 Elements of
 Intro to

Public Speaking H3X
Race and Ethnic Relations H1X
Real Estate Law H1X
Religious Studies A3X
Religious Studies (including Religion and Ethics) A3X
Sculpture A2X
Social Inequality H1X
Social Problems H2X
Social Psychology H3X
Social Science H1X
Social Science I H1X
Social Science II H2X
 Intro to
 Principles of
 Fundamentals of Speech & Communication
 Intro to
 Principles of
A2X, H3X
Statistics L6, S2X
Technical Writing S3X
Theater (Intro to) A1X
Trigonometry L6, S2X
Western Civilization H1X
Women's Health S2X, S3X
Women's Studies H1X,H2X, H4
World Geography S2X
World Religions A3X
Zoology (no lab) S2X
Zoology(with lab) S1X, S2X

*Approved and updated Aug. 2013. SNL Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee.​​