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Course Match for PLA

Course Match for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) for students in credit-based programs:

  • BA in Applied Behavioral Studies (DCM)
  • BA in Leadership Studies (DCM)
  • BA in Decision Analytics
  • BA in Professional Studies – Business Administration
  • BA in Professional Studies – Computing

Students pursuing these degrees can demonstrate learning related to the learning outcomes of a specific course. Students select a course in their degree program (not a residency requirement) or a current course from another department at DePaul that matches knowledge or skills that they can demonstrate. It may also be possible to choose a course from another accredited institution, with consultation. Evidence can be a paper that relates personal or professional experience to the ideas of others, cited in the paper. In addition, other artifacts such as work products may be submitted. See Preparing for PLA ​ for more guidance about how to complete the Course Match for PLA Submission Form.  A $150 fee will be charged upon submission of the online form.  The form will be sent to a faculty member in a related field who will determine whether the student has demonstrated the learning outcomes of the course. Students will receive an email from Undergraduate Resources.