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Writing Assignment Examples


Advanced Elective Papers

"A New Sonnet in the Italian Renaissance Mode," by Joseph Foxhood, demonstrates the competence, "Can produce a work of art which mirrors the arts of the Italian Renaissance, can explain that work in context, and can describe the methods of production used in the Renaissance and in modern times."
"Architecture in the West of Ireland: The Art, the Land, and the People," by Sara A. Schaub, considers the influence of local geology and environment, community planning needs, and aesthetics on the architecture of Connemara.
"Finding the Ties that Bind (Seeking Bernice)," by Bernice Grier Johnson, explores her own potential as a writer while anaylzing and reflecting on the work of Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, and Alice Walker.

See also chapter 4 in the Foundations Resource Book. 

Advanced Project

Advanced Project (AP) typically includes a product and a substantial research paper, and is the culmination of your work in the focus area. It is completed with help from your professional advisor (PA) and faculty mentor. You have three writing tasks:
1) Complete the Advanced Project Worksheet to help brainstorm possible AP ideas. Once completed, share it with your faculty mentor and professional advisor for feedback.
2) Use the Advanced Project Proposal and Contract to formally propose your AP. Expect to revise this as your committee helps you develop, focus and refine your ideas.
3) Submit the research paper / artifact (examples below).  See also chapter 5 of the Foundations Resource Book.

"Promoting Stress Management in the Workplace" paper and artifact by Katrina Brown.
"The Economic Viability of International Trade from Guatemala to the US" paper and artifact by N. Melisa Portillo.
"Flip the Switch: Generating African American Girls’ Interest in STEM" cover, paper, and three part artifact by Asia Roberson.
"Taking Ownership in Wellness Through Holistic and Integrative Mental Health Treatment Options" paper and artifact by Mary Mischka Dean.
"Jane Austen in Film" by Ellen M. Pierce.

Externship Journals

Externship can be completed as a service learning course or as an independent experience with your faculty mentor. For the latter, Externship has four writing tasks:
1) Complete the Externship Worksheet to help you think about and develop your ideas before sharing those ideas with your academic committee for feedback. 
2)Submit the Externship Proposal and Contract to your committee. 
3) Keep a Learning Journal (examples below) during ​your Externship. Record your thoughts and insights on what you are doing. 
4) Write a Reflective Essay to allow you to step back and synthesize what you have learned. In some cases, students combine the journal and essay in one document.
See also Chapter 3 in the Foundations Resource Book.

“Adventures in Home Brewing,”  (annotated version) by Brian Holmsten, describes his first effort as a home brewer and appreciation of the power of learning by doing.
 "Ireland: Land, History, People, Art," by Michael L. Holcomb and Dennis Powell, share journals from a travel study course.
"Making a Coffee Table," by Erik Bara, is about learning about learning.
"Playing Beach Volleyball" by an anonymous student, reflects on her challenges not to be limited by an anxiety disorder and to push beyond preferred modes of learning.
"Progress & Privilege: Blackness, Femininity, and the Evolution of the Talented Tenth," by Joy Boggs, chronicles her journey through a GRE test preparation class. ​

Independent Learning Pursuits

Independent Learning Pursuits (ILPs) allow students to satisfy degree requirements through prior college-level learning experiences.Typically, a student completes ILP Submission Form​, plus an artifact, document or other evidence that addresses the criteria of the competence sought. All students are encouraged to complete ILPs. Mary Erl completed 10 ILPs before graduating in Spring 2009.  Watch this video to hear how she did it: "How Mary Wrote 10 ILPs."

See examples of ILPs below:

Annotated Sample ILP papers
A2X,"Learning to Teach Creatively"
S3F, “The Changing Role of Technology in Educational Settings” by Brian Holmsten.

Arts and Ideas
Having worked as a professional photographer, this student completed the A2A competence through an oral presentation and supporting materials in Art Share.

Human Community

"Principles of Effective Public Speaking and Assessing Effectiveness" by Mary Erl for H3E. In addition to the paper and her ILP Submission Form, Mary provided an evaluation of a speech she gave as a member of Toastmaster's; a certificate for "successful completion of the Toastmaster's Communication and Leadership Program;" a newspaper article about her as president of her local Toastmaster's group; and a flyer, news release and newspaper articles on financial planning seminars she offers at community sites.

L3 Civic Engagement
Kevin Yndestad completed an ILP Submission Form and a research paper documenting his learning for L3 around his experience as a "public advocate for cancer and research charities that support families battling cancer." 

Scientific World

"My Skydiving Mishaps: A Quick Lesson in Physics" by Joan Travers is an ILP for S1C. 

Focus Area

These two ILPs give an idea of the range of possibilities for the focus area:
"Learning Six Sigma Theory" for competence: Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the Six Sigma process improvement methodology.
"Collecting and Classifying Folklore"​ for competence: Understands the concept, function, and methodologies of folklore and folkloristics and can apply these principles to her work and those of others.​

Writing Showcase Winners

Patricia D. Hernandez: "Coco: What Makes This Movie So Important?"

Judy M. Davis: "Treating Mental Illness in Jails and Prisons" 
Travis Moore-Murray: "Tennyson’s Tithonus" ​