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...information on how to start a writing assignment.

The Writing Center at UNC - Chapel Hill provides strategies for overcoming procrastination.

CSU Writing Center focuses on the writing process instead of grammatical and mechanical instruction, providing templates for a wide variety of writing genres.

...information on writing an essay.

​DePaul's Writing Center has information on a large variety of essay genres (including SNL assignments.)

Purdue's OWL (Online Writing Lab) covers everything from punctuation to writing a job letter.

The Academic Phrasebook offers a variety of phrases and moves for academic writing.

Open Access Textbooks from Colorado State offers complete textbooks on writing in the disciplines, research writing, academic writing and addressing writing process

CSU Writing Center focuses on the writing process instead of grammatical and mechanical instruction, providing templates for a wide variety of writing types.

Handouts from the Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill are easy to follow and thorough, covering topics from procrastination to when to use "I," how to write a comparison essay and more. 


...information on sources and citations.

​​How to Know if a Source is Worth Using:
Evaluate sources by asking: How well do they answer your research question? Is the information from experts? Is the information valid? Do you have a variety of sources?

Evaluate print sources by finding out if a print source is applicable, objective and authoritative.

Tools to Format Citations and Bibliographies:
Zotero is a free web-based tool for Firefox that helps writers formulate and store citations for academic papers.

Help for Formatting Your Own Citations
Purdue OWL offers guides on both MLA and APA style.

What You Need to Know About Plagiarism
DePaul's Academic Integrity w​ebsite
 includes definitions of academic integrity violations, examples, and guidance on how to cite sources, footnote, quote, paraphrase, and summarize.

...information on grammar, mechanics, spelling, etc.

CCTC Guide to Grammar and Writing offers hand-outs and more than 170 quizzes for every stage of the writing process.  The “grammarlog” contains more than 6,000 grammatical questions asked by people from all over the world.

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing is both entertaining and informative with free articles archived by topic.

Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) offers a grammar hotline to all.

...a Writing Center tutor to help me with my assignment.

The DePaul Writing Center offers free writing support and tutoring with in person or online sessions. watch videos about writing at SNL.

In these videos, SNL students and faculty talk about the rigors and benefits of writing ​at SNL.

Travis Moore Murray (student) discusses writing at SNL in this video.

Joy Boggs (student) discusses business and academic writing in this video. You can see her award winning externship journal here.

Stephan Hall (student) discusses how to succeed at writing at SNL in this video.

LaTrice Jones (student) discuss her experience with SNL Writing Boot Camps in this video.

Jill Anderson discusses the roles that UCWbL writing tutors and writing fellows can play in helping SNL students with their writing in this video.

Mary Erl (student) discusses writing 10 ILPs in this video. You can see her ILP on public speaking here and the submission form here.

Kim Hoag (student) discusses writing for MAAPS in this video.

Prof. Susan Reed discusses getting around writer's block in this video. see examples of student writing.

​Examples of SNL undergraduate student writing can be found here.

Examples of SNL graduate student writing can be found here.

...strategies to stop procrastinating.

​The Writing Center at UNC - Chapel Hill explains the causes of and ways to prevent procrastination.

Write or Die is a fun way to motivate yourself to write.

...information about writing for people who speak English as a Second Language (ESL.)

Bab.La Phrases is phrase dictionary designed for ESL students to find correct phrasing for commonly used phrases.

Dave’s ESL Cafe offers helpful exercises to sharpen basic grammatical skills. 

...a dictionary. checks spelling, definitions, and offers a thesaurus and encyclopedia.  

Merriam-Webster Online offers definitions, synonyms, antonyms, word origins, and free pronunciation guides. have fun with writing.

Fun with Words is dedicated to clever wordplay through amusing etymologies, anagrams, spoonerisms, and other verbal games.

A Painful Glimpse Into My Writing Process (in Less than 60 Seconds) is an award-winning short movie about the agony of trying to write, directed by Chel White and written by Scott Poole.

...something else.

The ASK SNL Writing widget lets you ask additional questions about the SNL Writing program, SNL Writing courses, and SNL Writing events.​